What’s NowNow Plus?

What’s NowNow Plus?

NowNow Plus is a subscription that gives you free deliveries for orders on NowNow. As an introductory offer, the subscription allows unlimited deliveries for the subscribed period.

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    • How can I get NowNow Plus?

      The NowNow Plus is discontinued for new subscriptions (with effect from 12th Sept’23) until further notice. However, the existing subscribers will still continue to use the benefits and until requested for cancellation of the subscription, the plan ...
    • Can I share my subscription?

      NowNow Plus can only be used by the subscriber and cannot be shared or transferred.
    • Is there any minimum order value on the order(s) after I have opted for the subscription?

      The minimum order value is dependent on each store and would be visible on the store's homepage and at the checkout.
    • What will happen to my subscription if I disable the auto-renewal option?

      Effective 12th Sept 2023 you won’t see the option to disable the auto renewal of NowNow Plus. Incase, if you wish to discontinue the subscription please raise a request through our chat on the App or email us (care@noonnownow.com) for disabling auto ...
    • What is Noon One?

      Noon One is an all-in-one subscription that gives you free delivery on orders more than 40 AED for NowNow on noon. It’s the easiest way to get free delivery on all your favorite stores at an incredible price.