What is NowNow “ Refer and Earn” Program?

What is NowNow “ Refer and Earn” Program?

It is a program through which you introduce your friends to NowNow and you both get rewarded. Effective 12th Sept’23, the Refer & Earn Program is discontinued until further notice.

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    • How to Participate?

      You will find your unique referral code in the Refer & Earn banner on the home page of the App or in the Refer & Earn tab on your NowNow Account. Simply share this referral code with your friends who are new to NowNow. They will get 25% off up to AED ...
    • Terms & Conditions

      When using the NowNow Refer & Earn program, the referrer will receive a 25% discount coupon code to be redeemed on NowNow only, when referring a friend. The referee will get a 25% off coupon code (up to AED 25) on his/her 1st purchase. The referrer ...
    • What is the expiry of the Referral coupon code?

      The referral coupon code (25% off up to AED 25) is valid until 60 days from the date it was added to the account and it would be applied automatically to your first purchase. The referrer would also get a coupon code (25% off up to AED 25) for every ...