How can I cancel my membership?

How can I cancel my membership?

If you want to cancel your membership, please go to My Account > noon One > Manage membership.

Even after cancellation, the membership benefits will continue until the date of expiry, but the membership won’t be renewed.

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    • Can I cancel the subscription?

      Incase if you wish to discontinue/cancel the subscription please raise a request through our chat on the App or email us ( for cancelling/disabling auto renewal. When you select this option, your subscription won’t renew but you ...
    • What will happen to my subscription if I cancel the noon one?

      Once you click on the cancel noon one subscription, then you won’t get charged on the renewal and the subscription will remain active until the last day of the current subscription plan.
    • What will happen when my subscription ends?

      The subscription plans are auto renewed, and you would be charged automatically from the subscribed card in your account. In case, if you wish to cancel the subscription, please visit the app and under “My Account” you would find a noon one banner. ...
    • How can I check the remaining days of my subscription?

      You’ll see the subscription details under “My Account --> Manage Membership”.